Georgetown University Delegates Explore Collaborative Environmental Initiatives in Crete

Mar 27, 2024 | Academic

A delegation from Georgetown University’s Earth Commons Institute for the Environment and Sustainability, including Prof. Peter Marra (Dean), Ms. Katerina Downward (Executive Director, Greece), Ms. Raha Hakimdavar (Senior Advisor, Qatar and the Earth Commons Institute), and Mr. Peter Poulos (Director of Partner Relations, Greece), visited the University of Crete on March 26-27 to strengthen partnerships in addressing environmental challenges.

The University of Crete was represented by Prof. Georgios Kossioris (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Lifelong Learning, International Relations, and Outlook), Prof. Michael Pavlidis (Vice Rector for Research and Development), Prof. Kriton Kalantides (Head of the Department of Biology), Prof. Maria Vamvakaki (Head of the Department of Materials Science and Technology), Prof. Dimitrios Anglos (Head of the Department of Chemistry), Prof. Maria Kanakidou (Deputy Head of the Department of Chemistry), and Assoc. Prof. Kostantinos Manasakis (Department of Political Science and Coordinator of the University Sustainability Committee).

The visit aimed to foster collaboration on climate change, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. Activities included tours of the Natural History Museum of Crete and the Voutes campus on March 26, focusing on environmental resilience and sustainability, followed by a visit to the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research on March 27, highlighting marine conservation efforts. This initiative highlighted the importance of international cooperation in addressing global environmental issues.


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