Final Conference of the EUNet-INNOCHRON Research Network of the EU’s COST Program

Apr 4, 2024 | Academic, Events

Final Conference of the EUNet-INNOCHRON Research Network of the EU’s COST Program in Chania, April 4 to 6

A major international medical conference takes place from April 4 to April 6, 2024, at the Mediterranean Architecture Center in Chania. This is the conference of the EUNet-INNOCHRON Research Network (European Network for the Innovative Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Neutropenias) within the framework of the European COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) program of the European Union, focusing on research into neutropenias.

The EUNet-INNOCHRON Network is coordinated by Professor of Hematology at the Medical School of the University of Crete and Director of the Hematology Clinic of PAGNI, Eleni Papadaki, with researchers from 32 countries as well as the European Hematology Association participating. The conference will feature 90 researchers in person from 23 countries.

The aim of the Conference is to discuss and present the research findings conducted within the framework of the Network, mainly concerning the identification of neutropenic conditions in children and adults and the prevention of their progression to acute leukemia, the new questions that have arisen, and the prospects for continuing collaboration among researchers.

According to Professor Eleni Papadaki: “The EUNet-INNOCHRON Network has enabled a large number of young doctors and researchers from around the world to be trained in the field of neutropenic conditions, which often represent pre-leukemic states. A particularly important result is the publication and drafting, together with the European Hematology Association, of Guidelines at the European level, for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic neutropenias, for the benefit of the patients and their families. I am happy that we are organizing the final conference in Chania, which naturally has all the prerequisites to support it.”

The Deputy Regional Governor of Chania, Mr. Nikos Kalogeris, stated: “The scientific work carried out at the Hematology Clinic of the University of Crete and PAGNI is well known. This work goes beyond the borders of Crete, contributing significantly to the health security of society. The Region of Crete is very pleased to support the International Conference EUNet-INNOCHRON organized in the city of Chania by Professor Eleni Papadaki and looks forward to the results and prospects of the Action.”

The Conference, taking place at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture, is supported by the European COST Agency, the University of Crete, the Region of Crete through the Deputy Regional Governor of Chania, and the Municipality of Chania.

The organizers also thank the Economic Chamber of Chania and the Friends of the Hematology Clinic Renaissance Association.

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