Two-Day Event in Imbros | “Satisfying the Psychological Needs of the Student Population”

Apr 22, 2024 | Events

The Department of Primary Education of the School of Educational Sciences at the University of Crete, under a memorandum of collaboration with the Greek School “OZEL GOKCEADA RUM LISESI VE ORTAOKULU, TURKEY”, is organizing a two-day event on the island of Imbros from May 10-11, 2024. The theme of the event is:

“Satisfying the Psychological Needs of the Student Population”.

A scientific team from the department will travel to Imbros, consisting of three faculty members: Eleni Vasilaki, Professor; Aikaterini Vasiou, Assistant Professor; and Marinos Anastasaki, Assistant Professor (pending appointment), as well as Aristeia Mavrogianni, a postdoctoral researcher from the department. The scientific team also includes Servet Altan, Assistant Professor at MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey.

During the event, workshops on psychosocial support for students, educators, and parents will be conducted. Additionally, focus groups with students, teachers, and parents will be held to explore the satisfaction of basic psychological needs of the student population and the perceived practices implemented by educators and parents towards this goal.

Please find the poster here


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