FELASA Workshop Classification & Reporting of Severity Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish Models

May 15, 2024 | Academic, Announcements

The FELASA Severity Workshop, with the encouragement of the European Commission, is delivered in a standardized format since the FELASA 2016 Congress, using examples published by the 2010 FELASA/ESLAV/ECLAM Working Group. It aims to promote
understanding and coherence in severity classifications across Member States, ensure harmonization in statistical reporting and help improve communication with the public. Additionally, it underlines opportunities to implement the principle of 3Rs and
improve animal welfare.

The FELASA Severity Workshop presents the details of severity classification of procedures, according to Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. All procedures are assigned a severity classification in advance, during the authorization process (prospective severity classification) and in the non-technical project summary (predictive severity classification), in an effort to evaluate the application of refinement and keep the level of severity of procedures the lowest possible. Furthermore, the severity experienced by each individual animal must be reported in the annual statistical reports of each Member State (actual severity classification). Actual severity is a determining factor on the re-use of animals in further procedures and aids in determining the retrospective severity classification, to be assigned at the end of a project.

The Severity Workshop will allow participants to obtain an official FELASA certificate of attendance.
The workshop is of interest to people designing procedures and projects and applying for project
authorization, people responsible for animal welfare, members of ethical review boards and animal
welfare bodies, scientists, study personnel, veterinarians, animal technologists and technicians.

When: Friday 31/05/2024 @ 09.00-14.30
Where: Amphitheater A, Biology Department – Heraklion Campus, University of Crete
Trainers: Eirini Fragkiadaki & Argyro Zacharioudaki
Language of instruction: English
Number of participants: 40


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