Exploring the Human Brain: Neuroanatomy from Research to Clinical Practice

Jun 10, 2024 | Academic, Announcements

This five-day summer school program is structured into two components, aiming to provide rigorous academic and social experiences in the field of neuroanatomy and clinical neurosciences.

In the academic segment, participants will initially engage in practical skill development workshops. Subsequently, students will participate in clinical rotations, acting as members of a medical team and practicing their clinical skills through observation and clinical examination of neurological and neurosurgical patients.
The social segment of the program consists of social interactions among participants through visits to cultural heritage sites and nature excursions. This part is designed to foster discussions on intriguing topics from neuroscience to philosophy, facilitating a dialogue that stimulates the exchange of arguments and reflections. This, in turn, fosters the generation of new ideas, expansion of knowledge, and progress. From laboratories and amphitheaters to hospitals, nature, and society as a whole, the program traverses various settings where knowledge is created, disseminated, and applied, embodying the dynamic interplay between education and social engagement.

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