The University of Crete proudly announces the successful conclusion of the “hATTR Amyloidosis: from Bench to Bedside” summer school, held from June 10-14, organized by the Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Zaganas, the Scientific Academic Coordinator. The program brought together 6 distinguished physicians from abroad to address the challenges of early detection and management of hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis (hATTR).

This intensive program provided a blend of clinical practice, hands-on laboratory experience, and expert lectures. Participants engaged in interdisciplinary training, with hands-on laboratory experiences and clinical practice conducted at various departments of the University Hospital of Heraklion (PAGNI) and the Cardiology Department of Venizelio Hospital. Daily expert-led courses complemented the practical sessions.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the Medical School of the University of Crete, the Histopathology Laboratory of the Medical School, and the island of Spinalonga. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Manousos Pediaditis, Deputy Mayor of Culture-Tourism and Ms Aggeliki Poulidou from the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos for facilitating the visit to Spinalonga.

Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Zaganas, the Scientific Coordinator, stated, “The summer school fostered a collaborative learning environment essential for advancing the early detection and management of hATTR. It was an excellent occasion to showcase the multifaceted approach employed at the University of Crete for this disease and to enhance international relations between us and colleagues abroad”

The following educators participated in this summer school, highlighting the interdisciplinary approach and the potential of this group:

Minas Drakos, Postgraduate researcher, University of Crete (Uoc)
Sophia Erimaki, Neurologist, University Hospital of Heraklion (PAGNI)
Emmanouil Foukarakis, Cardiologist, Venizelio Hospital
Ioannis Karakis, Associate Professor of Neurology, UoC / PAGNI
Ioannis Kokkinakis, Resident in Pathology, PAGNI
Sophia Koukouraki, Professor of Nuclear Medicine, UoC / PAGNI
Maria Marketou, Associate Professor of Cardiology, UoC/PAGNI
Ioannis Petrakis, Nephrologist, PAGNI
Anthi Plevritaki, Cardiologist, UoC
Charalambos Pontikoglou, Associate Professor of Hematology, UoC/PAGNI
Ioannis Sperelakis, Orthopedic Surgeon, PAGNI
Miltiadis Tsilimbaris, Professor of Opthalmology, UoC/PAGNI
Gregory Tsoukalas, Assistant Professor of History of Medicine, UoC


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